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Centre for Countering Hybrid Threats

About us

Who are we? Centre for Countering Hybrid Threats (CCHT) is an analytical and methodological unit based at the Institute of Administrative and Security Analyses of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Slovak Republic. CCHT was established in January 2022 to increase capacity of MoI to monitor, analyse and counter various forms of hybrid threats within its own remit. We strive to gather accurate data, turn them into actionable intelligence and boost resilience of public authorities to hybrid threats.

Why was CCHT created? Hybrid threats are becoming an ever-increasing security challenge and were recognised as such in the 2020 Government Manifesto as well as in the new Slovak Security Strategy from 2021. Due to socio-economic reasons and its geopolitical position, Slovakia is very vulnerable to various forms of hybrid threats. Slovak population exhibits high degree of susceptibility towards disinformation, which is often used by hostile actors. That is also why increasing resilience and identification of vulnerabilities towards hybrid threats were among the specific taskings for MoI included in the above-mentioned documents.

What do we do? There are 6 main areas of our work:

– Identification of key vulnerabilities to hybrid threats in public sector entities as well as in the society

– Implementation of strategic communication based on data and analytical inputs

– Streamlining of the processes, structures and activities of public administration

Increasing the level of knowledge, competencies and skills of the public administration staff, by means of preparing an educational programme

– Update of the regulatory framework and implementation of data-based public policy-making

– Increasing personnel and technical capacities

Who are our partners? We recognise that our work cannot be done at one ministry alone which is why we cooperate with a number of partners in the Slovak government, including the Government Office, Ministry of Defence, Minsitry of Foreign and European Affairs and others, as well as a number of international partners.


Centre for Countering Hybrid Threats

Institute of Administrative and Security Analyses

Ministry of Interior

Pribinova 2
812 72 Bratislava
Telephone: 0961 044 951
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